belle-addams asked:
You are literally perfection and I'm jealous that your boyfriend gets to eat your ass and I don't ✋

mate you can eat this ass everyday

Some girl snapchatted me crying

I’m in stitches
Oh lord please man the fuck up

I’m my own background because I’m the only person I’ll ever love


I need a man who can keep me satisfied

Friday night selfies

Anonymous asked:
Have you punched your boyfriend in the face and given him a black eye yet?



what? he has a black eye but that wasn’t my fault.

It was my fault. I shouldn’t have burnt our meal. I deserved it.

bitch you will learn

Anonymous asked:
It's "mastUrbate" with a U. It's killing me

I am deeply sorry

elusivefearie asked:
I think youre absolutely beautiful. Ever think of modeling? Even for Suicide Girls?

thank you so much, I used to but I’m not interested anymore :)

original snap