how selfish would it be if I took all the painkillers when I know my stepfather is in unbearable pain.

this is me, I can’t escape this

pixillate asked:
you're a total fox. also, how is your day going?

oh sheet, thanks ! not the worst day of my life.

Anonymous asked:
I remember people giving you shit and it baffles me, thinking they know EXACTLY what you're like from following your blog. You seem to be a really nice lady, defensive to people who deserve it, have a banging relationship that has ups and downs like everyone else's and just a well rounded life.

well I don’t know what to say, thank you.


Tattoo done by Chad Lenjer.

passmeatecate asked:
Hi cutie Do you have akik

not for you no

what does one have to do to get an ask around here

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I find out my cousins had both his hands blown off,
I ask my mum if she knew and she replied with
‘yes he’s not very well’

very well, very fucking well.
a cold isn’t very well. my mum tells me nothing.